Identify Who is in Your Director’s Seat


To maximize the potential of CT it is essential you see ONLY yourself in the director’s seat of your life.


In schooling we are encouraged to follow authority like our teachers, our parents, our spiritual guides and more. This training is designed to make us align with whatever these teachers thought was best for us.  While there is nothing wrong with that when we are children but when we become an adult and haven’t kicked those authorities out of the directors’ seat it can make it difficult to set and achieve our True-Self Objectives.   It can feel like we are not living up to some invisible image which can create contradiction and eventually immobilization.


So how do you get back into the director’s seat so you consistently achieve your CT Objectives?


1st Ensure you are in communication with your True-Self whenever you are working with CT.  I have a gift to help you get ready for communicating with your unconscious mind. To claim yours, click on the contact tab and say you have read this block post and ask for your free gift to empower you to communicate with your True-Self.


2nd Before you work on an Super Achiever Objective dialogue with your True-Self whether that SA Objective is right for you to work on at this time.  Do not proceed unless you get a YES.


3rd Follow the SA Objective and Targeting Process steps precisely including the insurance statement at the end of your SA Objective “Please make this happen in ways that is for the highest good of me and of all involved.”


4th Do the Practice Process daily to uncover blockers that attempt to take you out of the Director’s Seat of your life preventing successful achievement of your SA Objective.


If you wish to shorten the time it takes to learn CT and achieve your Objectives request a consultation with Aryana to see if the True-Self Alignment Process might be right for you.