Note:  To get the most from private coaching it is best if you are familiar with
“How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast”
if not, please purchase the book and then purchase the New to CT Consultation.


When you hire me, you benefit from my 15 years of learning and teaching Cybernetic Transposition.  You’ll also have access to my trained Psychic Listening abilities to hear when a blocker is running and inform you the best blocker resolution method to move you forward with grace and ease.

Depending on your level of study of CT I will craft and design the session to your current understanding of CT so you get the most value from our time together.

How the session will go:

  • To maximize our time together prepare the questions you have about how to use CT
  • In addition I can:- help your recognize and frame the key blockers that are impeding your progress
    – identify the most effective blocker clearing process for you to use
    – review your Objective to correct any errors to ensure you successfully achieve your Objectives
    – learn how to dialogue more effectively with your unconscious
    – uncover your Gold Standard True-Self memory
  • We work together over Skype or Phone, or Zoom, which ever works best for you.
  • I live in Austin, Texas, in the Central timezone. Private consultations are available between 9 am to 5 pm (Central Time), Monday through Thursday.
  • During our time together if appropriate, I will advise what is the next next step for you in your learning of CT.

Are you ready to elevate your CT abilities so you can achieve your Objectives?
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New to Cybernetic Transposition?
Private 30-Minute Session- $ 45

 New Client Special for Students
working with the Fast Money Book, Dream Achiever, or SACP

Private 50-Minute Session- $ 95