How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast Ebook

  • Who is This For?  Don’t let the title fool you. This book contains a system to help you accomplish whatever your intentions are. It’s inspiring and uplifting.  For people who learn well from a book you can go very far with it.
  • What You’ll Get:  You’ll get an  MP3 version of book professionally read.  In addition you’ll receive the eBook so you can listen to it while you’re reading which helps with comprehension. The bonuses that come with this core offering are fabulous, like “Finding Your Perfect Partner” and more.  This bonus material also contains audios to guide you establishing your Inner Anchor Point which will give you two way communication with your unconscious mind. 
  • Core Benefit: It’s a great way to gain an understanding of what CT can do for you. This book was written by the inventor of CT, Stuart Lichtman 


Fast Money Book 101 – Home Study 5 Session Class


  • Who’s it For:  For people who learn well by listening to other people’s questions in a class format and like the structure of a class form this is a great way to get started fast with the Cybernetic Transposition methods.
  • What You’ll Get:  It’s a five session teleclass recording that you go at your own pace.  It includes audio and written exercises and a summary of each lesson so you can quickly refer to the content and how to do the processes.
    This course was developed by Aryana Rollins Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition Lead teacher.
  • Core Benefit:  For people who have never read the book this is an excellent way to start.  You’ll get all you need to set and achieve a Basic Objective AND step by step instruction on how to clear blockers.
Dream Achiever Program – Audio Program


  • Who’s it For:  For people who learn by doing and they have something very important to get done this is a good option.  If you haven’t already bought the How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast ebook this course includes at no additional cost.
  • What You’ll Get:  It’s a multi media audio and video training which includes audios, guided instruction on how to set and acheive a Super Achiever Objective.   This course was created by Stuart Lichtman to help readers of the book apply the processes.
  • Core Benefit:  You’ll get step by step instruction on how to correctly speak to your unconscious mind and tell it what you want even if you think it is nearly impossible right now.  You’ll learn the Super Achiever Process, How to Raise your Unconscious Performance Limit, clear blockers and more.

Go at Your Own Pace – Private Coaching

  • Who is This For:  If you already have some experience with Cybernetic Transposition (CT).  Perhaps you have read the Fast Money book or participated in the Super Achiever Coaching Program or went through the Dream Achiever Program; then this could be just what you need to be able to personalize the CT processes and elevate the different areas of your life to reach your highest potential.There’s nothing like having a guided intuitive teacher to help you see what is hidden from your view that’s blocking your success.Private coaching is by application only. Aryana Rollins accepts students for a minimum agreement of 3 to 6 months where meeting weekly or biweekly.  Students benefit and often make the biggest transformation in a one to one learning format. 
  • What You’ll Get:  You’ll get a personalized program which will include private phone or Skype coaching with Aryana, unlimited email access to ask questions and even the CT forms her Highest Potential Curriculum students use to set and achieve their objectives and clear blockers.  She has been told that the forms make it easier to trust the process and apply what you are learning fast.
  • Core Benefit:  Aryana can facilitate blocker clearing even before you know how to do it for yourself.  You’ll get access to her twelve-year experience of working with the unconscious mind so you can learn faster and get the results you seek now without waiting to learn everything yourself first before you experience success with the processes.Schedule a complimentary conversation with Aryana if this is a good option for you.  Click on the Contact tab above to request an appointment with Aryana.