Cybernetic Transposition is not meant to be grasped as a life preserver in a moment of crisis. 

It works best when you approach it with a desire to elevate your Awareness and make navigating Change easier. 

There are some people who wait until the last possible moment to change their life circumstances and it may be in that moment when they discover the How to Get Lots of Money for Anything eBook.   

They need money fast and in their frenzy rush through the book trying to learn and apply the system, they become despondent…there is little result.  CT can work fast under the right conditions, but ‘crisis’ is not the most opportune time to learn a complex science. 

I’ll explain. 

The way CT is a system to teach you how to once again become aware and translate the subtle, intuitive guidance that your unconscious mind is sending all the time – but we in our hurry-scurry and pressure of life stopped paying attention to.  It in that way we can achieve the near impossible in record time, getting the messages AND taking action.   

Are you starting to see the screaming contradiction —someone is in crisis and they discover CT.  Their mind is racing they are in a state of survival.  There is so much inner noise maybe even more than at any other time in their life and now they command CT to save them from the crisis?   How do you think this will go?

It doesn’t work like that.  CT is about Awareness and then Change.  

First comes awareness and then we make the changes. Without hearing the subtle messages from the unconscious what are the most beneficial changes we keep doing what we have always down and expecting positive change.  It can feel at times like CT doesn’t work. 

Oh, it works already, profoundly, life-changing so – just read some of the truth filled stories.   It just requires your sensitive awareness and followthrough AND that doesn’t come easy when someone is in crisis. 

Like learning a musical instrument for the first time.  You likely don’t know if you are doing it right.  When you hear the evidence of the music coming out of your instrument and it doesn’t initially sound like your favorite CD –but over time if you persist you will hear your progress.  You’ll be able to play beautiful music.

With CT it’s like learning how to play an instrument.  You are learning how to work the most important asset you have, your unconscious mind.  When you keep at it you will see progress and not only in the area of learning instrument, but in the area of love, better sleep, increased joy, let along the material desires you can manifest. 

So CT is NOT the tool if you are in crisis – but is a profoundly effective method to cause and create that which will bring you the most meaningful rich life experience possible.  It knows it as this is what has happened to me.   

If you want to experience a tool that can fulfill your soul’s desires in any and all ways here is my recommended path: 

  1.  Get the book, read it like a story (don’t do any of the processes) allow your hope and excitement to build. 

  2. Do the Inner Anchor Point Process where you will not be disturbed and give yourself some time to settle as likely it will bring up a lot of emotions.

  3. Then try performing a Base Reframing while you are in the middle of a blocker moment that way you will be able to sense and tune into what you are sensing in your body.  It is the body feelings that the blocker uses to communicate to you right before it takes you over.

I highly recommend the How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast ebook AND to take it easy and slow.  Don’t try to speed through it.  If you go slow like the turtle you will succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

And remember, you don’t have to do this alone.  Reach out for help.