In his best-selling eBook, How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast, Stuart Lichtman gave this definition of Cybernetic Transposition.


“It is a generalized system of consciously managing your unconscious mind in ways that empower you to consistently achieve seemingly impossible results in essentially all areas of your life.”

Now let’s break that down into the key concepts:

  1. Consciously Managing Your Unconscious Mind

Here are some definitions for unconscious by

  • “the part of the mind which is inaccessible to the conscious mind, but which affects behavior and emotions.
  • not perceived at the level of awareness; occurring below the level of conscious thought.”

Our unconscious mind influences our emotions and behavior. The unconscious mind is that part of you that contains all sorts of information about your past experiences, good and bad, and much of it you don’t even remember! BUT it does impact how you think and act.

This unprocessed “residue” can negatively affect our present-day life, attitudes, and behaviors. The problem comes in when we are unaware – or conscious – that the reason our life is not working is that we are being restricted or constricted by this “old stuff. “

Using CT, you take charge of your unconscious mind and gently guided to produce the things and experience you do want in your life. Just like the kid who continually focuses on getting that bicycle for a present, we are able to direct her unconscious to bring us what we want.

There is preparatory work involved in “cleaning out “the unconscious mind of those old instructions that prevented us – without our awareness — from creating the life we want. It’s not a magical process like waving a wand. It is, however, a magical process in terms of getting results from doing the work, following the methods, and restoring the willingness and self-love to make your life as you wish.

  1. Comprehensive System


Stuart Lichtman, the man who created cybernetic transposition has spent at least 25 years of his life developing and refining the system. He has been the primary guinea pig and test subject for his self-research. What that means is that he continued to develop the system and come up with new processes. Anytime he found by doing the work on himself that a new need revealed itself, he created a process to solve that need.

You will find no matter what you run into in your own unconscious mind Stuart has already invented the tool to help you. This system is indeed comprehensive.


  1. The Way Cybernetic Transposition Empowers You

The sole purpose of CT is to give you the practical steps to harness your unconscious mind to empower yourself to accomplish and make the changes that you CONSIOUSLY WANT. 

Note that Stuart insists that you always insert the insurance statement, in any of your requests, “for the highest good of me and of all involved.” The unconscious mind is potent, and you do want to direct it for the good of all.

Here’s another quote from Stuart on how CT works.

“What CT does is to empower your unconscious mind to use one success – any success that you have experienced, and “transpose” or transform that first success into the solid foundation for success in another area. “

Maybe it’s a bit like splicing in a new gene to get specific desirable characteristics. Your conscious mind is not resisting the possibility of the intended success because it is founded on a genuine known success. Surely then, the intent of success is also possible. After all, the known success already happened.

  1. To Consistently Achieve Seemingly Impossible Results


As you become more skilled in working with CT, you know to consciously direct your unconscious mind. Most people aren’t aware of how much of their life is driven by their unconscious patterns. 

When you know how to access your Reticular Activating System, which is the part of your brain that keeps you intensely focused on accomplishing something. Once your Reticular Activating System, RAS is programed you go about your day to day life while it works on manifesting your intention.   

This enables you to consistently deliver seemingly impossible results. The way that it does this is twofold.

  • Get the garbage that is buried in your unconscious mind out of the way
  • Completely focusing all the power of the unconscious mind on delivering your desire. This is a little like the way a magnifying lens concentrates the rays of the sun to start a fire – seemingly impossible task – yet it happens. When we say “impossible “, we don’t mean things that are currently physically impossible such as becoming a prima ballerina in a major ballet company when you’re 66 years old. You won’t be able to turn back the clock of time and become a young person again. Aside from that, you will otherwise find CT can deliver whatever you want.
  1. Essentially all Areas of Your Life

Cybernetic transposition is practical and can be applied to any of your life you choose. Note, I’m not sure what the limitations are here.

Here’s another quote from Stuart:

“Create effective conscious communication with the part of you that knows what’s right for you… by resolving self–defeating unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you. “

As you can see from this quote, CT can be applied to any of your life where your results currently fall short of your true desires.

As we wrap up Cybernetic Transposition is something that has to be tried and experience to fully understand its capacity. 

Personally, I’ve often thought of it as a magic genie bottle. When you rub the magic genie bottle a genie comes out and asks you “what are your three wishes?” A smart person might say “I’d like more wishes.” 

The people who think practically would likely ask that their top 3 wishes that they’ve always had, like be wealthy or be healthy.

CT is more like the wise person asking the genie to have unlimited wishes. 

So the question is, “what are the changes you’d like to make to your life, right now, right here?”

Here’s a link to get started with the book that has changed over 100,000 people’s lives in radical ways for the highest good of them and for all involved.