Guest Blog Post by Stuart Lichtman – Developer of Cybernetic Transposition

“I call the true essence of you, your True Self. Others call it your Higher Self or your Soul.

Cybernetic Transposition deals with using your True Self to guide you in being true to yourself on the physical, emotional, mental, and unconscious levels.

In contrast, spiritual teachers (which we are not) teach you to follow your True Self back to spirit, to God.

Cybernetic Transposition deals with the very practical, right-now job of empowering you to use your True Self to guide you in making decisions and taking actions that are right for you at the deepest level.

My perspective is that the Unconscious does all of the doing – absolutely all – and when the conscious mind observes what the Unconscious has done, it usually and erroneously takes credit for it. But that is not what I believe is the intended job of the conscious mind.

In my perspective, the proper job of the conscious mind is to intermediate between your True Self that knows what is appropriate and for your highest good. Then your Unconscious does all the doing. That is what CT teaches you how to do.

This harmonious built into many of the more advanced CT Processes. The result is that your life gets better and better, more and more in alignment with the joy of being who you really are.”

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