To experience new things in live you have to SEE how life could be different. If you don’t feel worthy of positive things coming to you it will be hard to even “SEE” how life could be different.  In a sense you can be doomed to repeat the past.

Elevating your self-worth is a natural side effect of clearing blockers.

In the blocker resolution process called Base Reframing/Past Perception Revision Process you go back in time and see memories of when you were faced with difficult situations.  When you “see” that moment in time from the eyes of wisdom of your True-Self then you’re able to get the lesson and reframe that painful moment quickly ane easily.


If you have a blocker that is preventing you from SEEING your life in any other way that currently it is try this:

  1.  Capture the moment when you had the negative thought that “life is always going to be this way”
  2. Record the body feelings associated with that thought
  3. Do a base reframing on that blocker BEFORE attempting to do another blocker clearings.