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What is Cybernetic Transposition?

“It is a generalized system of consciously managing your unconscious mind in ways that empower you to consistently achieve seemingly impossible results in essentially all areas of your life.”

Now let’s break that down into the key concepts:

  1. Consciously Managing Your Unconscious Mind

Here are some definitions for unconscious by

  • “the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but affects behavior and emotions.
  • not perceived at the level of awareness; occurring below the level of conscious thought.”

Our unconscious mind influences our emotions and behavior. The unconscious mind is that part of you that contains information about your past experiences, good and unfortunate, and much of it you don’t even remember! BUT it does impact how you think and act.

This unprocessed “residue” can negatively affect our present-day life, attitudes, and behaviors. The problem comes when we are unaware – that our life is not working because we are being restricted or constricted by this “old stuff.”

Using CT, you take charge of your unconscious mind and are gently guided to produce the things and experiences you do want in your life. Like the kid who continually focuses on getting that bicycle for a present, we can direct her unconscious to bring us what we want.

There is preparatory work involved in “cleaning out “the unconscious mind of those old instructions that prevented us – without our awareness — from creating the life we want. It’s not a magical process like waving a wand. It is, however, a magical process in terms of getting results from doing the work, following the methods, and restoring the willingness and self-love to make your life as you wish.

2. Comprehensive System

Stuart Lichtman, the man who created Cybernetic Transposition, has spent at least 25 years of his life developing and refining the system. He was his primary guinea pig and test subject for his self-research as he continued to create new processes to improve success. Anytime he found that a new need revealed itself by doing the work on himself, he made a process to solve that need.

You will find no matter what you run into in your unconscious mind, Stuart has already invented the tool to help you. This system is indeed comprehensive.

3. The Way Cybernetic Transposition Empowers You

The sole purpose of CT is to give you the practical steps to harness your unconscious mind to empower yourself to accomplish and make the changes that you CONSCIOUSLY WANT.

Stuart insists that you consistently insert the insurance statement in your requests “for the highest good of me and all involved.” The unconscious mind is potent, and you want to direct it for the good of all.

Here’s another quote from Stuart on how CT works.

“What CT does is to empower your unconscious mind to use one success – any success that you have experienced, and “transpose” or transform that first success into the solid foundation for success in another area. “

It’s like splicing in a new gene to get specific desirable characteristics. Your conscious mind won’t resist success because you draw on prior successes that your unconscious mind holds. Indeed then, the intent of success is also possible. After all, the known success already happened.

3. To Consistently Achieve Seemingly Impossible Results

As you become more skilled with CT, you can consciously direct your unconscious mind to tremendous success. Most people aren’t aware of how much of their life is driven by their unconscious patterns.

When you know how to access your Reticular Activating System, the part of your brain that keeps you intensely focused on accomplishing something. Once your Reticular Activating System, RAS, is programmed, you go about your day-to-day life while it works on manifesting your intention.

This enables you to deliver “seemingly” impossible results consistently. The way that it does this is twofold.

  • Get the garbage buried in your unconscious out of the way.
  • You are entirely focusing all the power of the unconscious mind on delivering your desire. This is a little like how a magnifying lens concentrates the sun’s rays to start a fire – a impossible task – yet it happens. When we say “unbelievable, “we don’t mean things that are currently physically impossible such as becoming a prima ballerina in a major ballet company when you’re 66 years old. You won’t be able to turn back the clock of time and become a young person again. Aside from that, you will otherwise find CT can deliver whatever you want.
  • 4. Empowers all Areas of Your Life

Cybernetic transposition is practical and applies to any area of your life you want to uplevel.

Here’s another quote from Stuart:

“Create effective conscious communication with the part of you that knows what’s right for you… by resolving self–defeating unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you. “

As you can see from this quote, CT can work in any of your life where your results currently fall short of your true desires.

As we wrap up, Cybernetic Transposition is something that must be tried and experienced to understand its capabilities thoroughly.

I’ve often thought of it as a magic genie bottle. When you rub the magic genie bottle, a genie asks you, “what are your three wishes?” An intelligent person might say, “I’d like more wishes.”

The people who think would ask for their top 3 wishes that they’ve always had, like being wealthy or being healthy.

CT is more like the wise person asking the genie to have unlimited wishes

So, my question to you is, “what are the changes you’d like to make to your life, right now, right here?”

Here’s a link to get started with the book that has radically changed over 100,000 people’s lives for the highest good and for all involved.”

What is the difference between the 'Base Reframing' process and the 'Super Achiever Clearing Process?'

A quick description of the benefits of these two blocker clearing processes, Base Reframing and Super Achiever (SA) Clearing Process.

Base Reframing – clears blockers (self-sabotaging feelings, attitudes, or behaviors) that are situational in nature.  For example, say each time you visit your parent’s home you get a headache when they ask you how your life is going.  You hate being questioned, it feels like they are second-guessing your life choices.

In the Reframing process you take the body feelings ‘headache’ and the original situation ‘visiting my parents and they are grilling me’ and you go back in times to other memories where you felt these exact body feelings and REFRAME (make your reaction as positive and empowering to you and all concerned).  So now when you visit your parents you don’t REACT when they ask ‘how is life?’ You are now free to RESPOND in peace and love.

Super Achiever Clearing Process – is for getting creative guidance from your unconscious mind to help you solve problems and get into action.  This is not really a blocker clearing process as it does not REFRAME anything it gives you solutions.  Now, with that said the solution can help release pressure and give you the energy to take action AND that in itself cause a new behavior, which is a good thing.

Is it important to check our level of certainty of achieving the Basic achiever objective, every time we do the Basic Achiever Monitor process?'

First I’ll address the importance of performing the Basic Achiever Monitoring process since each time you do the Basic Achiever Monitoring process you are doing two things:

  1. You are spending time with your objective which is a good thing.  You are recommitting to your objective each time you do the Monitoring process.  In other words, you are confirming to your unconscious “Yes, I really want this!”
  2. You are also identifying any blockers that might sabotage your objective.  When you clear the blockers it accelerates the achievement of your objective.
  3. Yes, it is essential to rate your End Point Success Image and make whatever changes you need to make to turn up the desirability to a 10 if it has dropped.  Rating your certainly level is up to you, but it could be a good thing to help you ferret out blockers.


Can I use the Basic Achiever Objective process to raise my Unconscious Performance Limit?

Raising an Unconscious Performance Limit is easily done using the Base Reframing Process where you identify the amount of money your unconscious deems is “safe and comfortable” for you to earn.

When you imagine going beyond that amount of money you sense your body for blocker body feelings.  When you identify the blocker body feelings write them on a blank Base Reframing form.  Then proceed with clearing the blocker by finishing the Base Reframing form.

After you have completed the Base Reframing wait for one day and access at what level your Unconscious Performance Limit is now.  Usually, there is an increase on average of 30%.

Can you describe what is Cybernetic Transposition (CT) so that I can tell my friends and family why it's so amazing and why they might want to learn it?
Great question and it is something I have struggled with articulating for years.

I am not a scientist for am I an engineer and CT was written for the engineering mind which can make it difficult for some people to grasp the benefit of learning it.

Here is how I would describe it; “have you ever had a perfect kind of day, the kind of day that you didn’t want to end?  What CT does is it shows me how to

“Have you ever had a perfect kind of day, the kind of day that you didn’t want to end?  What CT does is it shows me how to

What CT does is it shows me how to capture that “perfect day” energy and replicate it any time I want.  I do this by setting a really exciting and fulfilling goal for example; to like make more money, be happier, find a loving partner, and more.

Now since I might not know how I’m going to make this happen doubts, worry and even fears can come up.  Whenever I think those kinds of thoughts I know they are simply blockers.  Blockers are habits that take me out of the present moment and convince me my life will never really change. I don’t have to just tolerate these blockers anymore I can use CT to resolve them so instead of sabotaging me they help me accomplish my objectives and be happier.”

Do I have to imagine in my head each time I prioritize my Basic Achiever Objective?

Every 10 times you can read or write the meta-story you would want to check for blockers.  You can do that by rating the difficulty and desirability and make changes to your meta-story if the difficulty rose above a 4/5 or the desirability dropped to less than a 10.  When you are assessing the rating, you can imagine it in your head and anchor it in your Inner Anchor Point.”

Does Cybernetic Transposition work?

Can you help me learn CT?

Yes, all our programs and private coaching focus on bringing people inside the big subject of Cybernetic Transposition. In this form of immersion training students gain a greater understanding and elevate their skills faster than they can while trying to learn it on their own.  They learn not only how to use the Cybernetic Transposition processes to achieve their Objectives they also clear the way that self-defeating blockers that have created suffering in the past and most importantly how to clear them.

And lastly, we offer a live Cybernetic Transposition group training called Highest Potential Program.  You can find the program details at

If you are serious about learning CT we offer a complimentary consultation.  Click on Contact us to request a consult and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about our services.

How do you know when a blocker has been resolved?

Here is a quick way…if in the past you would procrastinate, defer, feel nervous, avoid, etc an activity and now you notice you feel at ease and get started on the project right away that is a clear sign you have effectively cleared the blocker.

An example that I effectively cleared a blocker came up recently when I delivered a speech at a local networking event.

I was asked to speak at a local female entrepreneur networking luncheon last year. As I was preparing the talk this week, I noticed that what I wanted to say was bold, direct and that it would likely stimulate resistance and even argument in the audience. In the past, I would have modified my message to ‘go along’ in order to not offend possible business. Well, this time the truth that I spoke and the impact made in the room was noticeable. It felt so great to watch the video and hear how the whole room got quiet as gave important food for thought. Sometimes the ‘truth’ isn’t so comfortable to hear and being the deliverer of it can be even more uncomfortable.

How many objectives can I work on at one time?

The general rule is that if you have successfully achieved (according to your unconscious rating of successfulness on a 1 to 10 scale) 3 Objectives you can work on two Objectives at once. When you have successfully achieved 3 Double Objectives you can run a Triple objective.

How to put an Imaginary Experiences into Your Inner Anchor Point?

You surround the imaginary experience (that which you want to anchor in your Inner Anchor Point as a new perception of reality for you) with a cloud of white light and imagine placing that image into your Inner Anchor Point verbalizing the appropriate instructions as if you were talking through the Inner Anchor Point directly to your unconscious.

What is a Base Reframing?

Base Reframing is a blocker (self-defeating habit pattern) clearing process that enables someone to effectively let go of a ‘failure’ memory.  Reframing a past experience is an essential skill to learn to be able to effectively move forward without the weight or worry. Definition of reframe:  “frame or express (words or a concept or plan) differently.”

What is the difference between the method 'Resolving Blockers via the Base Reframing Process' and the method 'The Root Normal Base Reframing' ?

The Root Normal Base Reframing process is a deeper clearing method as it goes back to the ROOT memory that underlies the self-defeating habit pattern. This form of Base Reframing is especially helpful when clearing a Cell Level Memory, which is a form of blocker that gets in when a person identifies with what someone said that is dis-empowering and taking them away from living from their True Self.

When we create an imaginary experience of the 'perfect 10' reframes how clear does those imaginary experiences of the reframing memories have to be?

In order for a Reframe to effectively clear you have to create as complete imaginary experiences as possible which would include visual, auditory and kinesthetic feelings.  You are attempting to imply to your unconscious that the Reframe memory is the correct way to perceive the situation.  You are giving your unconscious new instructions on ‘how to think and feel’ about what happened in the blocker causing situation.  It is in that way you are able to let go of trying to ‘problem solve’ why did this happen to me? or some other self-defeating view that gives your power away to the painful situation.

Is it possible to use the basic achievement process to get a perfect partner with all desired and specific traits included or is it required to use the super achiever?

The difference between Basic Achiever and Super Achiever relates to your perception of difficulty.  If the difficulty is less than a 5 the Basic Achiever would work fine.  If it is beyond a 5 in difficulty, Super Achiever Objective process is required.  Now, you ask about having all the desired traits included that could be ok, but a bit more challenging to do with a BA Objective and here’s why.  When you work with the Super Achiever Objective setting process you perform the Targeting Process which helps define and clarify in precise detail to your unconscious what you mean by a specific quality.  You do that by creating a Key Element for each quality and then finding a memory that effectively demonstrates that.  If you have 20 qualities you will have 20 memories to support and that would make for a very, very long BA Objective not to mention the difficulty would likely rise with each additional quality or character trait you add.

SA Objective would be a far better way to go if you’d like to attract your Perfect for you Partner.

Is this the correct way to frame my target statement? 'I want $250,000 within two weeks in an easy, harmonious and perfect way. Please make sure this or something better happens in way that are for the highest good of me and all concerned.

This is a complex question, but I will do my best to answer in here.  Your target as written will keep you in “want”  and not in successful accomplishing.  The correct format is to imagine it has already happened, for example.

“On or before (date) I will have done whatever is necessary and appropriate to have generated at least $ ____. “

The other consideration is whether your unconscious has the skills and abilities to generate that amount of money.  If you have generated this amount of money in this time frame then you can do it again. That is the whole benefit of CT.  You can transpose a success in one area of your life into another.  Said another way, if you have accomplished something in the past you can do it again.

To determine if your unconscious has the skills and abilities to do this for you rate the difficulty level.  A 10 level in difficulty would require setting a Super Achiever Objective.  You can use the Basic Achiever Objective process for difficulty level of up to 5.

Lastly, you only have to memorize your Target by reading it out 100 times (if the difficulty is a 4 or less).  If the difficulty is 5 you would write it out 100 times.

Can CT help you help other people remotely (through the collective subconscious)?

What a deep and insightful question. I can tell you are someone who would like to make the world a better place. Helping the planet is something I have been obsessed with since I was in my twenties. From my spiritual studies and teaching Cybernetic Transposition, I have learned that we can make the biggest difference by becoming the best version of ourselves.

With that said, Cybernetic Transposition is an accurate form of prayer, and as you likely know, prayer works. How to positively influence something outside of ourselves needs to be done respectfully and “do no harm.” We cannot violate someone’s free will, even if that free will is to be sick. We can offer support and counsel if they ask, but ideally, they should learn how to use Cybernetic Transposition to heal themselves.

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