Imagine that you’re tied up, placed on a chair and locked in an airtight room. You don’t know who did this to you or why but you know you’re trapped.

This may sound fictional but it’s not.

This is exactly what we do to ourselves when we let our unconscious feelings, beliefs and history dominate our thoughts, our actions and then our life results.

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try and break old patterns and beliefs, something gets in the way? Have you tried certain programs, techniques or exercises only to fall back to you old ways? If you have, it’s not your fault. You are fighting against programming, unconscious memories and cellular memories.

Breaking out of your own personal prison isn’t easy but there are three key proven strategies to help you free yourself.

Here are three of the best ways to remove those blocks and barriers:

  1. Coaching: Coaching is becoming a valued profession that really became popular in the 1980s. Although history shows that we have always had some kind of coach, often it was in the sporting arena but now, we have coaches that help us reach our highest potential in our careers, our relationships, with our money, community, spirituality and more.

Coaches help us discover what may be holding us back from having a successful life and business. They find out what is and isn’t working, what our goals and dreams are and they help hold us accountable as we often have to report to them and keep them informed of our decisions and actions.

If you feel like you are hitting a barrier or have blocks, it’s important to seek coaching to help you deal with these obvious or hidden issues. What makes coaches different from counselors is that coaches focus more on the ‘here and now’ and what you plan to do to change your future if you are not happy with your present results.

Aryana Rollins of: School of Self Revolution, is an expert at helping people break through hidden barriers and limitations to live a full, energized and purposeful life.

Sometimes, though, there are situations that are too traumatic or can’t be solved with just coaching alone. Sometimes these mental challenges are triggered by physical problems in the body. And, often these physical problems are triggered by emotional part of the brain.

While coaching is very effective, there is also another scientifically-proven technique that can enhance the coaching process and even speed up the results. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique and it is quickly becoming a major force with health practitioners.

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique: is a fairly new discovery that combines mind body medicine and the ancient practice of acupuncture without the needles.

The reason EFT works is that the body runs on energy. And within the body are energy meridians where nerves send signals from the body to the brain. When you put your hand on a hot element on a stove, it doesn’t take long for the pain sensors to travel up the energy meridian to the brain where the brain processes the feeling, determines this is pain and danger and you promptly remove your hand.

New research is proving that the cells store memories and trauma at the cellular level. In fact, disease is considered to be a ‘body not at ease.’ Disease is now being proved to be caused from many triggers but trauma to the cells is the key factor.

When a traumatic situation occurs – we generally react in a negative way and trigger negative energy. Our brain releases stress hormones directly into our bloodstream.
We also tighten up parts of our body and hold on to the stress.

For example, if you’re driving your car down a freeway and suddenly a car careens into your lane without warning and you are forced to swerve your car abruptly to avoid an accident, your brain reacts, stress hormones are released, your stomach muscles tighten, your mouth gets dry and you react – trying to get out of the way. The emotions stay with you for several hours, days or longer depending on the severity of the event and your interpretation.

If you are survivor of abuse, you’ll store the pain in your body in such areas as: the heart, stomach or muscles.

If feelings and stress stay in the body and aren’t released, toxins build, muscles constrict, blood flow constricts and you have the beginning of disease.

EFT is a useful tool to incorporate into a coaching program to clear cell level memories, which if unresolved, can also create beliefs such as: “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t deserve success,” or “Who am I to be successful?” These are the blockers which may come up and are unconscious habit patterns that may sabotage our success.

When you’re healthy, relaxed and unstressed, you radiate success and generate more success.

Emotional Freedom Technique is not a New Age scam, far from it – it is a detailed groundbreaking proven science. A recent study was done that included 5000 patients who had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and were treated with a tapping technique on the body.

People with EFT recovered much more quickly than the other test subjects who didn’t receive the treatment. 76% of patients were completely cured from EFT compared to 50% with conventional techniques.

To sum it up, EFT is like energy acupuncture – you tap into thoughts and feelings and move them through your body and release tension and toxins that are lying dormant in your cells. EFT removes the emotional part of the memory and makes thoughts benign. EFT isn’t 100% effective and other things may need to be done but it can make a difference with many situations.

Once the physical remnants of your thoughts are removed, you can start to consciously rewrite what happened. The emotion and negative charge is removed and you can reprogram yourself to be successful.

Emotional Freedom technique uses physical tapping with your fingers. Tapping is done with the fingers slightly curved and you use the finger tips and tap both sides of your body at the same time.

It’s important to have a glass of water ready as you may feel a slight headache while or after your practice a session. As toxins are released, they may cause you to feel a little disoriented; this is not a bad thing – it means toxins are leaving their ‘stuck points.’

Emotional Freedom Technique can be enhanced greatly if you add essential oils to your practice. In fact, essential oils have been used for thousands of years to calm, clean, and heal the body.

What are essential oils?

  1. Essential Oils: Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and they are oils that are derived from flowers, leaves, roots of plants. They contain volatile aroma compounds and have distinctive scents and healing properties.

They are generally extracted with distillation or pressing and are often used in perfumes, cosmetics, flavoring, incense, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Interest in essential oils has always been there but in recent years, aromatherapy has become ‘mainstream’ and has been used in alternative medicine.

Due to the concentration of the oils, they are generally diluted with a carrier oil such as: sweet almond oil so they don’t burn the skin. There are few pure oils you can place directly on the skin; Lavender is an oil you can place on your skin and this oil has been known to promote the healing of wounds and help with stress and sleep problems.

Oils are volatilized or diluted in a carrier oil and used in massage, diffused in the air by heating over a candle flame, or burned as incense, for example.

Essential oils hold many properties and can also be enhanced synergistically by combining one or more oils for a medical procedure, massage or cleaning.

Emotions are stored in the limbic part of the brain which is also where memories are housed. If you breathe in essential oils, they have compounds that increase the oxygen flow to this region of the brain and they help you release endorphins which make you feel calm and relaxed. Hormones and enzymes are also released and this can unlock blockages in our glands and organs which in turn, release emotional baggage which was held at the cellular level.

The chemical structure of essential oils in adaptable and synergistic with our cells and we can easily absorb it so this is why these oils can work quickly on us.

If you are thinking about using Emotional Freedom Technique and essential oils, you need to know that there are certain oils that are more powerful for releasing emotions when you start tapping.

There is a line of essential oils called: Young Living and the blends help release blocked feelings and aid healing in the body and mind. The ‘Feelings Kit’ has oil blends called: Valor, Acceptance, Inner Child and more. If you would like to know what oils are best to use with Emotional Freedom Technique, go to and click on the contact tab.

How do you use the essential oils and Emotional Freedom Technique?

First, be sure you have a quiet, relaxing place to do your exercise. Next, make sure you have a glass of water nearby as you’ll be releasing built up toxins and may get thirsty.

Next, you want to use a statement when you are tapping. This way, you’ll address the mental/emotional centre of your brain and replace negative emotions with positive ones while you tap your body.

The statement that works best is:

“Even though I have this­­­­­­­­­­­___________________ I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

You may fill it the blanks with anything like: money problem, problem with procrastination, problem with overeating, problem with being rude – you get the idea.

Once you know what you want to say, place your fingertips in some essential oil and then start at the top of body. For this exercise, we will only focus on your face. If you study EFT in detail, it also addresses the rest of your body.

You will be tapping on certain bone areas of the face. To begin, start with your eyebrow. You will place your fingers at the start of your eyebrow which is above the corner of your eye. Gently tap this area on both sides of the body and use the statement that works for you. (EB – short for Eyebrow)

Next, go to the bone bordering the outside corner of the eye. (SE – short for side of eye)

Next, got to the area with the bone under the eye – about an inch below your pupil and then tap. (UE – under eye)

Then, go under your nose above your upper lip. (UN – under nose)

Finally, you can end this with the area at mid chin. (CH – chin) Make sure you’re applying oil each time and repeating the statement over and over while you practice EFT.

If you use all three of these techniques, you will break free of your self-induced prison, release emotional baggage and recreate a new life.

Aryana Rollins BS, BA, BCC is a Board Certified Coach and an expert at helping you grow your businesses from “the inside out.” Aryana is an author, speaker, trainer, and is a certified Cybernetic Transposition trainer which combines strategies to get you unstuck. Find out more with her FREE Podcast, Mindful Manifest which is the second Wednesday of every month. Sign up at:
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