If you haven ‘t succeeded at getting to your ‘ideal weight’ it isn’t your fault.  The reasons why lie hidden in your unconscious mind.  We all have contradictory intentions like ‘I wish to shed 10 pounds’ followed by the very next thought of ‘oh I can’t wait until dinner so I can eat my favorite pasta and spumoni ice cream!’  Those contradictory thoughts confuse your unconscious will…. thinking “what exactly does she want?” completely locks you down from taking right action to ‘get to your ideal weight’.

What would it mean to you to be able to communicate to your body so that it release weight naturally and easily?

Listen to this show where I teach you exactly, step by step how to set and achieve an objective to set a new set point to get to your naturally healthy weight.

PS  A recent success from Ran Toker a participant of  Highest Potential…. “I went from 89 kilograms to 76.0 kilograms since July 3rd. I lost 13 kilos during these two months and didn’t suffer during the process and actually enjoyed it.  Never had such a strong experience with my body, this is a huge success.  Got full support of all the parts of myself.  We enjoyed the process.  I do release a little pressure by giving myself some “prizes” such as Nescafe and a bit of cake etc. from time to time.  It is almost on auto pilot working with my blockers.”