How do you make decisions?  I have noticed that most people make decisions in one of two ways.

  1. Leap of faith – rely on their intuition
  2. Research and reasoning


Which one are you?

Perhaps you are a combination of both.

Remember back to a time when you had an intuitive feeling something was right for you?  Did you immediately jump at it or did you seek to rationalize it proving to yourself that is was the right thing to do?

I believe a combination of both intuition and reason can provide the best navigation method for making effective life decisions.

Allow me to introduce to you the Super Achiever Clearing process, from the Cybernetic Transposition tool box which I use at least once a week to keep me in forward momentum achieving was is right for my True-Self.

The Super Achiever Clearing Process is a simple, yet highly effective way to access your creative part of your unconscious to make better more effective decisions.

The steps

  1. Frame the question from your conscious mind, like “what do I need to know before I decide to buy this house.” [note it is not a yes or no question]
  2. Access your unconscious by focusing on your Inner Anchor Point (or the area around your heart)
  3. Ask into your unconscious to ‘please provide me with three solutions that are a 10 in desirability to ‘what do I need to know before deciding to buy this house?’
  4. Record on paper the solutions you get.
  5. Rate each of the solutions in the following manner, your conscious mind as in how comfortable do you feel implementing the solution. Then your True-Self, the intuitive, knowing part of you, your higher self.
  6. If they are not all yet a 10 in desirability dialogue with your unconscious to get them to a 10.
  7. Take action on one or all three solutions.


Isn’t life about quickly and effectively making decisions so you can enjoy more out of life instead of wondering, worrying, second guessing?  What would be possible for you to experience in life if you had a rock solid way of making decisions and could move into action quickly?  You could literally regain hours and perhaps days of your life being free of the ‘worry’ surrounding “did I make the right decision”.

I want to teach you how to make this form of decision making second nature and how to permanently access the creative power of your unconscious to achieve your most desirable objectives.