If so we have something in common, so did I.

In fact, it is likely I would have never read the book had it not been for a trusted friend who gifted it to me after my divorce, he said, “You have to read this book, it is amazing!”

Even with that testament to the value of the book, it took me another three months to even open it. As soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.  I called him and said, “Oh my G** this book is astounding it could work, I know it will work!”  Intutively, I knew I could reinvent myself from  the identify of” stay at home mother” to being self-employed.

I became so impressed with the thoroughness of the processes in the book that I looked into getting help to get clear of some of my deeper blockers (self-defeating unconscious habit patterns), so I enrolled in a live CT training.

Within a few weeks of the course, I KNEW I was meant to bring this method of goal achievement to people.  Being a shy person at that time couldn’t even imagine how this would happen, but I knew it would happen.  I had to get Stuart Lichtman the developer of Cybernetic to teach me how to teach people CT.

The first phone call to Stuart didn’t go so well, in his gruff voice said “I’m not interested, it is too much work.”

My second and third phone calls went a bit better as he realized she isn’t going away.

Success!  A few years later Stuart agreed to develop a training certification program to license me to teach others.  He said it wouldn’t be worth his time if it were only for me, so my task was to find at least 12 people who wanted to participate in the Certified Cybernetic Transposition teacher training.

I excitedly hung up the phone saying, “I’m on it!” I must have personally called at least 100 people most of them saying “no!” to me.

Even though I didn’t get the full 12 people, it was a success because in 2005 I became certified and licensed to teach this fantastic system of goal achievement and have been doing so to groups and privately for the past twelve years.

So I ask you are you willing to put your instant judgment aside and try a method that has a 92% success rate of achieving your deepest more desirable objectives?

Ready to get started learning what I believe will have more impact on the human ability sustain (make more money fast) itself, reduce conflict and ensure increase health and well-being than any other method so far known to man.

If so to honor your openness and if you purchase through this affiliate link *(yes I get a small piece of this ebook system) you will receive a 20 minute How to Manifest Your Intentions Fast strategy session (first come first served – this offer may be rescinded at any moment.


Dedicated to your future success,



PS I guess I have a way of inspiring people to bring their gifts to the world as Stuart Lichtman told me recently that he created his Super Entrepreneur Training for me as well.  I took that in the spring of 2012, and it enabled me to create an instant connection with people and much more.