Don’t wake your blockers up by watching this video BEFORE you read the “How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast.”

You might be thinking finally you can get what you want and while that is true the protective mechanisms in your unconscous mind that wants to keep things going as they always have.  They don’t like change.

Follow These Steps Carefully

Read the book as a story don’t do the processes, get really lit up

  1. Do the Inner Anchor Point process to give you access to a communication point in your body to ask questions of your unconscious
  2. Pick a situation in your life where you felt disappointed or discouraged that something didn’t go the way you wanted.  Listen to the audio of Base Reframing Process as soon as possible after the event
  3. Set a Basic Achiever Objective before setting a Super Achiever Objective… walk before you run will give you the foundations to be able to successfully connection

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