Do you feel stuck?
Frustrated with your life situation?

This can be a good sign …

When you accept that life isn’t fulfilling and the usual distractions no longer satisfy you…

that is the moment of your AWAKENING.

Then comes the thought, “what next?”
It is at this point learning Cybernetic Transposition* (CT) can become infinitely relevant to you.

Read now how CT empowers you….

One of the gifts of being human is we are allowed to manifest what we desire. Unfortunately by the time we are finished with our school days we have been trained out of believing we have that ability.

Whilst the ability to create our life, is a fantastic gift, there is also a downside especially, when most of ‘who we think we are’ is powered by – automated behaviors that were programmed from our many ‘first experiences’ before we even had conscious awareness.

These thoughts and feelings that motivate our actions reside in the unconscious mind. If you feel far away from your desires you may be thinking that the unconscious mind is against you. Yes and no. The unconscious is not trying to hurt you it is only serving what you told it you wanted – protection from perceived pain (it does this by creating a blocker that prevents you from accessing your unique life force).

Here is the scary truth, all your ‘first experiences’ become the blueprint to create your next experience in that area of your life. Now when your ‘first experiences’ aren’t so happy and fulfilling you DECIDE ‘ I don’t want that to happen again’ and in so doing you give instructions to your unconscious (your causer/creator part) to protect you from potential future pain and suffering .

Protection is fine, but when you handover decision making to your unconscious where and when to protect you, you have given your Power to Manifest away. How the unconscious serves your conscious desire is that it creates purposed guidance toward successful fulfillment of your objectives or it creates coping mechanisms (blockers) to prevent further pain. By the way, it can even create a ‘blanket’ assessment that says, “that is how relationships are” and can unwittingly cause all future experiences of that kind to fit that rule– until you change the blue print, that is (which is one way CT helps).

The way these protective mechanisms “blockers” work is they evaporate your HOPE that life can be different. The blocker talks you into settling with thoughts like “this is just the way my life is, I must accept it.” And then when you think of changing your life situation the blocker triggers fear or anxiety so you STOP.

Until CT, there has been little success in being able to alter, rewrite or remove a blocker (protective behavior) that is no longer serving your conscious desires. Once a program (blueprint) has been written it will continue even if the unconscious program means bankruptcy or divorce. At this point the BLOCKER just wants to be right and win even if you are suffering at its hands.

Think about it: Without reprogramming your unconscious mind with what you want,
the likely result is you’ll repeat the past

*Cybernetic Transposition (CT) is a general self-empowerment tool set that helps you communicate in language your unconscious understands “what you desire” and then helps you recognize and remove any blockers “invisible resistance that lives in your unconscious” which is preventing this positive change. As a side benefit it also helps you maintain an inner peacefulness, hope, conviction and faith as you work on making your life like heaven on Earth.