If it is true that your highest truth (called intuition, higher self, or True Self) is contained within then wouldn’t it be possible to use the unconscious mind to put us in touch with it?

In my experience yes it is and in fact when you re-connect with your True-Self via the Inner Anchor Point process it makes working with Cybernetic Transposition much easier and more effective.

Here’s why.

If you have an objective you want and it is not for your highest good to experience at this time you won’t have the support of your unconscious mind to achieve it.  This is where dialoguing with your unconscious becomes soooo important.  Setting unfulfilling objectives is a waste of time.  You could spend 3 months working on an objective only to discover the reason why you didn’t accomplish it is that you were supposed to be working on something else.

Save yourself heart ache.  Reconnect with your True-Self before you set your objectives.