Our mind/body combination works a lot like a like a computer…

or a programmable machine with one thing driving it: survival. The core programs were inserted around the time our body was born (a bit before, a lot during, and even more early after).

As our body grew the programs took in input data, processed it, acted upon and grew. Some parts of this data actually changed the programs, modified it, introduced sub-programs and all the particular nuances that very quickly made “you” uniquely “you”.

There is no other you like you in the universe.
That is both the power, and the trap of our machine.

If you do nothing to counteract this process, then as we get older the program tends to become rigid, fixed, it works more and more automatically, not really changing the core program.

Cybernetic Transposition explains how to reprogram our mind/body machine to achieve the goals we want and stop doing what we don’t like.

The techniques you’ll read about on this website give you back the reins and “deprogram” you, so-to-speak.

This simple technique is also useful for establishing your goals and getting the mind/body machine to run automatically towards those goals.

This process works by tweaking the existing programs letting you insert new programs to suit who you want to be and what you want to do. You essentially “listen” to the outputs from your mind and body as you give it certain inputs.

You aren’t a machine, but you have a machine.

The good thing for us is that the machine doesn’t really care what it does, as long as it doesn’t threaten its survival, so once you have convinced the machine to run new sub-programs you will pretty well be able to do anything you want, automatically, which is for your highest good.


Aryana’s Early Experience with Stuart Lichtman and Cybernetic Transposition

I needed to remake my life so I enrolled in a program called Cybernetic Transposition* (CT), which promised to teach me how to achieve nearly impossible, yet highly desirable, objectives.

From the first moment I started learning these processes I KNEW these processes would enable me to create a life that was in alignment with my True-Self (higher self). One of the noticeable benefits of working with CT is that what wasn’t right for me naturally dropped away without forcing or pressure: relationships that were not aligned with my nature and work that wasn’t fulfilling.

Looking back I see that what happened is that I built a new identity.  One that was as authentically confident, and comfortable with people where before I was shy and withdrawn.  I was able to integrate the books and trainings that I had learned but blockers had prevented me from applying them to my life.

I was so excited to be able to truly live in integrity

Through working with the Cybernetic Transposition processes I integrated my spiritual and personal development knowledge, my intuition, and my varied life experiences into an even more powerful state of knowing and being.

I became so inspired to show others the power of CT I cajoled the developer into training me how to do it.  My persistence paid off when he created the first ever certified coaching program for me! 

Students say that they are filled with enthusiasm, faith and joy which quickly overwrites the fear, doubt and worry that used to be plagued with. This enables them, over time, to step into ‘creatorship’ of their life without guilt or regret.


*Cybernetic Transposition (CT)  is a general self-empowerment tool set that helps you communicate  in language your unconscious understands “what you desire” and then helps you recognize and remove any blockers “invisible resistance that lives in your unconscious” which is preventing this positive change.  As a side benefit it also helps you maintain an inner peacefulness, hope, conviction and faith as you work on making your life like heaven on Earth.