If you aren’t able to easily move toward what you want with confident ease, like making more money or entering into a relationship with a loving partner, you have likely hit one of your Emotional Limits.

Maybe You Can Relate to This Example Around a Desire to Make More Money

Imagine this scenario, you are excited to apply for a job that fits your unique skill set.  The company is a high integrity company and the position pays significantly more than what you are currently paid.  You update your resume. Then as you put your application in, the thoughts “I bet I won’t get it”, “I am not qualified enough” start flooding in.  Even though you may not consciously be aware of them, they have an impact.  These thoughts literally suppress your belief in the possibility and gone is your enthusiasm and energy to follow through. It is not your fault.  Here is what is happening.  When these thoughts are in your head while you are taking positive action to make more money (like applying for the job) you are literally CANCELLING your intention for a new job.  Maybe you have noticed that these types of self cancelling thoughts are also accompanied by body sensations.  Continually feeling self-defeated when you THINK about all the effort it will take to get another job, let alone the pressure that you will be under in the interview is proof positive you are being pulled down by an Emotional Performance Limit.  If you manage to push beyond that discomfort and put in the application, you may then be stopped by the nervousness and pressure in your stomach as you consider having to ‘perform’ in the interview.  Let alone the guilt feelings and sinking feeling in the stomach as you think about having to tell your boss who depends on you that you are leaving. 

We have all been there.

Heart and mind connection isn’t easy.  As children we all were trained to ignore our feelings, our emotions and suppress what ever body feelings we had, it wasn’t safe, no matter how well intended out parents or teachers were.  As we tried to reach outside of our comfort zone they were there warning us of the dangers of reaching too high.  They didn’t want us to be disappointed if we failed, so better stay with our known reality.  To get along we decide to suppress our true desires and find some way to settle and be happy with what we currently have.  This is the situation we have all grown up with.  Contradictory thoughts and body feelings are a valuable clue that we are not clear about making a change and the concerns of others are speaking to us. This lack of clarity/contradiction can and will STOP us from easily moving forward.


The level of your success on your intentions is dependent on mind, body and emotional congruence. Noticing how your body feels as you attempt to take positive actions will help you become aware of your body’s resistance.  Through that awareness, instead of being stopped, you will be able to resolve the contradiction and stay in positive, forward momentum.  When you have a way to accurately translate what your body is saying you have an opportunity to resolve the contradiction peacefully so you aren’t stopped. Would you like to have an accurate way to translate the messages your body is giving you so you understand them and take appropriate action?  If so, please keep reading.

Being trained in the communication methods of your body and emotions will enable you to be free of the negative emotions from past ‘failures’.  So instead of lowering your expectations and settling for less than you are worthy of, with these skills you will be able to attract and keep the money and love you desire.

Here is an Example of Mary and How She Sabotaged a Loving Relationship

Mary decides to join a dating site.  She is ecstatic when contacted by an attractive man! The man is kind, loving and attentive. Even on the first date she feels relaxed and safe. She looks forward to the second date. She feels recognized and understood more than she can remember feeling. Completely comfortable with him, she speaks her mind easily and he loves her sense of humor. The months pass and all is going well. They are about to celebrate the 3 month mark by going on a romantic weekend away. 

It feels serious so she starts to share her joy with her friends saying ‘this could be the one’. And almost instantly some form of negative magic starts happening.  She notices as soon as she tells her friends, doubts start intruding, “he is too good to be true”,  “he can’t really be this kind and generous.”  “He must be after something”, etc, etc.  Without her awareness these fearful thoughts, from her own history and her friends fears, take on a life of their own.  Sadly even when reality says all is well and they are enjoying each others company, she can’t stop the worry.  These thoughts get louder and louder so much so that she and her boyfriend start arguing about meaningless things.  Then all shi## hits the fan, right after an intimate moment he says, “Oh I forgot to mention, that I have to work this weekend.  We have to reschedule our 3 month celebration weekend.  Work is really pressing right now.”  She feels like she was punched in her stomach,  the thoughts are screaming now “here it is, I knew it was too good to be true.  He is starting to back away and end it with me.”  She feels her heart contract and hears herself say  “I knew he wouldn’t keep his promises.  He will abandon me.”  From that moment on suspicion starts, arguments ensue and eventually the relationship ends with her feeling certain that ‘I was right all along, see men can’t be relied upon’.

This wonderful dating success came to a screeching halt without her having any true understanding what happened.  She thinks it is all about him.  Gone is her enthusiasm, optimism and energy, she feels like a rug was pulled out from under her.  Her conclusion: Opening her heart too wide means abandonment.   This conclusion: ‘open heart=abandonment’ does not go unnoticed in her unconscious mind.  Her unconscious mind produces defense mechanisms that will now resolve to protect her from more heart wrenching pain.  It does this by creating an association from her most recent experience of heart felt connection with potential abandonment. And if her ‘abandonment’ expectations are really strong she will be ‘protected’ from even getting close to that level of SUCCESS again.  Her unconscious has now begun to translate ‘deep heart connection’ with impending doom and abandonment. So the next time she is asked out on a date she will likely feel trepidation and conclude the risk may be too great and choose not to even date.


The sad result will be – if she doesn’t track down and resolve the original Emotional Limit that got triggered – her future dating experiences will be filled with trepidation and ultimately failure.

So you can see how if we don’t clear our Emotional Limits from past emotional disappointments our FUTURE can be PLAGUED with a REPETITION OF THE PAST.

Signs You Have you Been Triggered by an Emotional Limit

  • You hesitate saying yes to an much wished for opportunity (for example:  saying yes to date a new person)
  • You avoid taking action (for example: you don’t submit an application for a job would would really like)
  • You distract yourself (for example: instead of preparing for a big speech, you watch TV)
  • You second guess yourself (for example; you put up your dating profile and then wonder if the picture is attractive enough)

Why You Aren’t Moving Forward ….


Due to past experiences your unconscious has put up brick walls around you as soon as you attempt to grow beyond your current life experience.  It jumps in to ‘protect’ you from being hurt again even if this time there is a real chance of success.   What is going on here is a form of ‘self sabotage’ but not in a conscious ‘you decided way’ but rather from an unconscious reactive pattern trying to protect you from future-failure – it is attempting to keep you safe which ultimately means DON’T CHANGE, stay where you are.  This may not make much sense to you consciously as you likely are thinking ‘I am anything but comfortable right now!’  

A part of you wants to race ahead and yet a part whispers in your ear ‘what if xyz happens?’  You feel blocked  from taking the necessary action – action that could significantly enhance the quality of your life. 




That is the hinge point, a part of you DEMANDS CERTAINTY before you start.  We don’t know how to relegate the impending doubts that surface so they tend to RULE the day. 

But they don’t have to any longer.  What if you knew about a system that enables you to look inside the ‘black box’ of fear, self doubt and worry and be able to safely and permanently eliminate those noises?  Would you want to know more?



In the Remove Emotional Limits:  Acceleration Process home study program you will experience how to access the CERTAINTY of your unconscious mind to resolve fears, doubts and worry especially as it relates to GENERATING MORE LOVE and MAKING a PROSPEROUS LIVING.

You will learn how to accurately identify the exact amount of money your unconscious mind has been programmed to ALLOW you to EARN.  And then you will learn how to eliminate these invisible Emotional Limits so you can move forward with ease.

Also, if your current pain point is low self esteem, you’ll learn how to radically elevate that so you attract more fulfilling relationships.  Included in this program is a bonus teaching around elevating your Self-Worth.  Low Self-Worth is really the core reason Emotional Limits are wreaking havoc in your life and limiting the amount of love and money you allow into your life.


I’ve seeimage Ralph Evansn a volume increase in orders of about 25%.

I reached out to Monique for one specific reason, and that was to jump start my work that I had started with Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition processes.  These processes in and of themselves are very profound and powerful, yet proper instruction in how to implement them is vital, and at times lacking in Stuarts materials.  Monique showed me how to properly utilize these techniques and did I ever see a difference! I felt supercharged!  
She guided me through the Meta Memory Process which pinpointed a key area in my life that when I resolved it, it changed the priority of my goals. For example, the three main objectives I had in mind before starting with Monique were financial in nature.   However, we worked instead on myself as a person and the issues that came out of the Meta Memory Process and also did a Past Perception Revision Processes together. 
It’s been about a month or six weeks since we’ve worked together and I’ve seen a volume increase in orders of about 25% and I’ve also made at least $1,000 without even lifting a finger, just out of job references, which while not a lot, I had not made $1,000 by referring jobs in any given YEAR before.  Monique is very sincere, straightforward and has a great way if explaining complex processes.   A big thank you to Monique! I’m so happy for the time we’ve spent together!
Ralph Evans

  How to Free Yourself From Your Invisible Emotional Limits


In this home study program you will provided all you need to know to Eliminate Emotional Limits.  You will learn the step by step process to do on yourself in the area of making more money, getting more love, even resolving health issues.   You can apply this 3 step process to permanently raise your Emotional Limits in the territory that is most important to you.

This program gives you access to a unique technology called Cybernetic Transposition.  If you aren’t already familiar with CT you will learn all you need to know to complete the Emotional Performance Limit process.  By the way this process is usually ONLY taught in the more advanced CT trainings so please take advantage of this special training.  You will have  a full 14 days ‘try the process risk free guarantee’.

Additionally we are offering it at a special price of $145 (savings of $100).  Price goes back up September 30th.

Is this resonating with what is going on in your life right now?  Have you experienced these emotional blocks and thought there wasn’t anything that could permanently help you?  If so get started right away today where you will be guided every step of the way to remove your emotional performance limits.



image Shonna Jordan

“I am sitting in front of my Quick books looking at the balance in there wondering, “where did all this money come from?” then it dawned on me that it was because I had gone two months prior to Monique’s  Remove Invisible Limits  workshop.  What really made it click for me was the balance in the account was the 20% above amount that Monique had us write down during in the class.   That was where it came from.

Thank you so much Monique it has been wonderful.”

Shonna Jordan
Marketing and Graphic Design Genius www.JordanandJordan.com
San Diego, CA

Benefits You Can Expect When You Complete this Program

  • Recognize when an emotional performance limit has been activated and how to clear it
  • Learn how to release emotional hurts
  • Establish a two-way communication with your intuition so you can get the guidance you need in the moment
  • You will learn how to translate BODY FEELINGS as intuitive messages from your unconscious mind so you can take appropriate action
  • You will learn how to  remove any emotional performance limit that stands in your way
  • You will learn how to maintain inner peacefulness without meditation even when life isn’t going your way
  • Clients have reported their luck increases and synchronistic events start happening regularly, like finding money in a dresser drawer when a bill was due
  • You may notice you are kinder to yourself. Even if something doesn’t go right you can stay on track with your intentionsTRUSTING it will happen


Want a Deeper Look Inside Home Study Program?

Session 1:  Recognize Emotional Performance Limit Triggers Before They Stop You

  • Learn how to recognize when an Emotional Performance Limit has been activated before it ruins things
  • Understand how emotional limits have controlled your life choices and how to re-gain control over them so you can move forward with confidence and ease

 Session 2:   Understand What is Possible When You Work in Harmony With Your Unconscious Mind Power

  • Learn how to ‘read’ feelings that occur in your body as important messages from your unconscious so you can identify emotional limits that are activated and take efficient action
  • Learn how to ‘rewrite’ history in a way that gives instruction to your unconscious how you would like your future to unfold

Session 3: Emotional Performance Limit Break Through Experience

  • Learn how to heal Emotional Limit patterns which have sabotaged you in the past and overwrite them with new Emotional Success patterns.

Session 4:  Keeping Clear of  Emotional Performance Limits

  • Learn how to prevent new Emotional Limits from being established
  • Learn how to maintain the buoyancy you have gained so you feel confident and sure of yourself when you decide to make a change in your life

 Are You Ready to Remove Your Emotional Limits and See What is Possible For You To Experience?

This Program is Available for Your Immediate Online Access

These are webinars recorded live which last 60 to 90 minutes each.  Each webinar contains complete instruction to teach you how to identify your Emotional Performance Limit, remove it and much more. You will also be able to learn from questions the participants asked that will help you understand more how to work with your unconscious mind.

Right after payment you will receive an email with the URL and password to the online learning center. Here you will have access to the call recordings and appropriate handouts, updated easy to follow Cybernetic Transposition process forms, and summaries of the key concepts covered each week.

Don’t Let Blockers Stop You From Receiving The Money and Love You Are Worthy Of

Just $145

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


“I give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Use the program and all provided materials, listen to the webinars and do the assignments for 14 days. If you do not see the beginning of significant changes in your life and you do not see the value of the program I do not want your money. You get a full refund. No questions asked.”