Audio: “Release Perfectionism and Increase Productivity”

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Let Go Of Seeking Perfection


“In what area of your life do you FEEL you are aren’t doing your best? Where do you pressure yourself to perform to someone else’s expectations?” My guess is that you are pressuring yourself in the area of your life that contains the most stress and you want to get it right – once and for all.  In this program I demonstrate quick ways you can start ‘playing at life’ so you are living more in the present moment and operating from your natural rhythm which naturally enhances productivity and peacefulness.



Listen to this 60 minute program and learn:

– how to let go of over thinking things

– how to play at life as if it were a game

– how to celebrate your efforts even if you make a ‘mistake’

– how to focus on what you want and let go of obsessing on the ‘how it will happen’

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How Cybernetic Transposition Enhances Capability

Free-Dreamy-Fantasy-Scenes-1024x640What is capability? What can you do? What is can?

You say, “I wish I could do that. But I can’t.” Sometimes the thing you desire seems almost evasive and elusive to you. You think you KNOW how to get what you need before you achieve your desire. And that need is money or something else that is external to you for you to be able to achieve your desire. And because this external thing is out of your direct control, you think that you are doomed because even that seems elusive. So you are stuck in a vicious circle. You accept that, you fear it.

But before you accept something that has absolutely no positive value to you, take another look. Fear is a thing we are conditioned to accept without question, yet it has absolutely no value. Next time you accept fear, ask yourself what value it really has for you. Escape is not a value. There is nowhere to run. Eventually, you will be found and you will have to face yourself. Running away from a problem is an idea that stems from the illusion that there is a ‘you with a problem’, and a ‘you that can escape the you with the problem’. Insane? Yep! The first step to getting out of a problem is knowing and accepting that you are not the problem – the self defeating unconscious patterns ( blockers) are.

Once you recognize you are not your BLOCKERS, it is then you can take charge and the solution is found. At first nothing outside changes, but as you take charge of your unconscoius mind your life circumstances begin to morph towards what you consciously desire without massive efforting. Your new perceptions replaces the old fears, doubts or worries. It in this way Cybernetic Transposition (CT) empowers you to enhance your capability from the inside first so you can manifest and experience a new reality on the outside.