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Cybernetic Transposition: Accessing Your Higher Self

If it is true that your highest truth (called intuition, higher self, or True Self) is contained within then wouldn’t it be possible to use the unconscious mind to put us in touch with it?  In my experience yes it is and I would like to share a little of my experience working with Cybernetic Transposition to connect with the True Self.

Attract That Which you Desire with the Power of Gratitude

If life is feeling soooo hard and you notice your outlook has moved from optimism to expecting the worst you owe it to yourself to take 50 minutes to listen to this tele-class.  It will reset your attitude of gratitude to attract that which you DESIRE rather than that which you FEAR.

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Audio: “Release Perfectionism and Increase Productivity”

preparing the green.metaphor for service and perfection

Let Go Of Seeking Perfection


“In what area of your life do you FEEL you are aren’t doing your best? Where do you pressure yourself to perform to someone else’s expectations?” My guess is that you are pressuring yourself in the area of your life that contains the most stress and you want to get it right – once and for all.  In this program I demonstrate quick ways you can start ‘playing at life’ so you are living more in the present moment and operating from your natural rhythm which naturally enhances productivity and peacefulness.



Listen to this 60 minute program and learn:

– how to let go of over thinking things

– how to play at life as if it were a game

– how to celebrate your efforts even if you make a ‘mistake’

– how to focus on what you want and let go of obsessing on the ‘how it will happen’

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