About Monique

Cybernetic Transposition Trainer;  Monique Gallagher believes ….

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“As humans we are meant to be like children, open, freely expressed, generous, playful and loving….and when you add to that the wisdom that we gain from life experience, we then have spiritually evolving humans”.

What sets Monique Gallagher apart is her ability to work with people from “the inside out”.  As we’ve long suspected the age-old search for the guiding light leads us to the understanding that the ultimate answers come from within.

When we are young, we have no trouble knowing what we want.  We come into this world able to discern and express our emotions and our needs. But as we get under societal pressure, we are taught to suppress those communications.  After a lifetime of “going along to get along”, we often lose the ability to even know what we need and want.

Reconnecting with our childlike openness, love and presence, and merging that childlike innocence with the wisdom gleaned from our adult life experiences, allows for true connection to our Original Self and the ability to manifest a fulfilling life.

Lasting SUCCESS begins with establishing a bridge of communication between the conscious desires and unconscious will to do— which enables us to bring back the lost parts of ourselves and re-write the invisible ‘rules’ of how to make a living that we have blindly accepted, and that have
grossly limited what is possible for us.


The Process

I’m fiercely committed to getting to what really matters to you so you release negative mental conversations and overlay them with Enlightening Knowings that cause your life to radically improve.

When you begin to work with me, at first I function almost as a translator, helping you discern and decipher your own Original Voice.  I am somehow able to hear that voice before you are able to hear it, and become its champion.  I see all the good that you’re not yet able to see, and can recognize the false conclusions you have accepted as truth —
conclusions based on what you may have been told by life’s experience.

This knowledge allows me to sense when you are aligned with your nature (on track) and when you’re not.  I then provide the tools that allow you to release yourself from invisible blockers that are  keeping you in limiting circumstances and to move toward situations that reflect your Original Self in all its genius and glory.

How is that empowerment accomplished?  Through the Cybernetic Transposition* (CT) processes.  These processes empower you to reestablish a connection to your inner knowing, your Original Self which then causes correction upon all that is not right in your life in a gentle manner.  These tools become part of your own internal support system so true desirability and knowing what is right for you returns, so you can sustain your newfound hope, courage, self-esteem and financial well-being long after our work


My Background

In 1975, I entered Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California.  It felt like a prison — definitely not a safe place for me.  Luckily I was blessed with a dad who understood, respected, and championed my independent spirit, and I was able to sidestep high school altogether via the High School Equivalency Exam.  This was a pivotal event, because it allowed me to escape much of the conditioning that occurs at that formative age, when young people are driven to “fit in”.

And that was just the beginning of a rather unique life!

Between the ages of 16 I went from living in London, Phoenix and then on to upstate New York.  Then at 18, hungry for additional knowledge and life experience I enrolled in college (taking algebra for the first time!), and thus was able to transfer to a highly ranked university.  I was the kid in the front row at 8:00 a.m. classes, making the Dean’s List.

After graduation I returned to England.  My years in England, interspersed with travels throughout Europe, were a time of great joy and growth.  There is nothing like living outside your own country to gain a perspective on the mental and emotional conditioning to which we are subject!  As the fish, we aren’t able to see the water in which we swim.  It was in England in 1987 that I joined a unique esoteric group and discovered that it was possible to live in alignment with our Original Self.  Diligently studying Eastern thought, Taoism, and such spiritual writings as the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads, the works of Krishnamurti, Ouspensky, and Gurdjieff, I started to feel, for the first time, a sense of purpose.

Nearly six years later, I met my soon-to-be husband, and we moved to help establish the first cellular phone company in Caracas, Venezuela. I learned Spanish, and avoided the ex-patriot community in favor of experiencing the warmth and wisdom of the local people.  When our contract ended, we moved to Princeton, New Jersey, where my life really changed.  I married and became a mother. I never thought I would do either.

When my son was six, my husband and I accepted we were on different paths, and decided to divorce.

I needed to remake my life so I enrolled in a program called Cybernetic Transposition* (CT), which promised to teach me how to achieve nearly impossible, yet highly desirable, objectives. From the first moment I started learning these processes I KNEW these processes would enable me to create a life that was in alignment with my Original Self. One of the noticeable benefits of working with CT is that what wasn’t right for me naturally dropped away without forcing or pressure: relationships that were not aligned with my nature and work that wasn’t fulfilling.

CT helped me bring back my confident and capable Original Self and then guided me to integrate what I had learned but not yet applied to my life. I discovered after working with CT I was able to integrate my spiritual and personal development knowledge, my intuition, and my varied life experiences into an even more powerful state of knowing and being.

I became so inspired to show others the power of CT I cajoled the developer into training me how
to teach CT. My persistence paid off when he created the first ever certified coaching program for me!  In teaching these processes I noticed I am able to instill a sense of enthusiasm, faith and joy which quickly overwrites the fear, doubt and worry that most people are plagued with. This enables them, over time, to step more fully back into ‘creatorship’ of their life without guilt or


*Cybernetic Transposition (CT)  is a general self-empowerment tool set that helps you communicate  in language your unconscious understands “what you desire” and then helps you recognize and remove any blockers “invisible resistance that lives in your unconscious” which is preventing this positive change.  As a side benefit it also helps you maintain an inner peacefulness, hope, conviction and faith as you work on making your life like heaven on Earth.