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Monique Gallagher

Licensed Cybernetic Transposition Teacher
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“Manifest your Intentions Fast by Regaining the Trust and
Power of your Unconscious Mind”

The Original Seed of your genius was within you when you appeared through the gateway of the womb and it is within you now.

How true to it you are, can be easily assessed as you review the quality of your life on these levels: work fulfillment, freedom to be yourself in your relationships, vibrant health, ease with making money, peace of mind and joy.

If you feel lost from your genius, how are you to re-find it? If when you sit alone at night you feel ashamed, guilty or even a little rotten, how are you to recover yourself?

The only way is to get your feet willingly upon the path of rediscovering your rightful inheritance and once again trying to find You. Not the substitute personality or conformity adopted role, but the Real Essence You that still patiently awaits your intention and attention.

How true to your Original Self you turn out to be, will depend upon your actions and decisions, thoughts and feelings in the moment by moment living expression of your life.

There is no other seed the same as yours. It is unique, one of a kind and only you can fulfill the destiny it makes possible.

If you are not feeling fully connected to a Purpose and Self Empowered on a daily basis you are experiencing a shadow of what is possible for you.

Daring to face your own magnificence requires courage and is the prerequisite to leading a fulfilling life.

Cybernetic Mastery teaches you how to achieve that using highly effective tools. You will receive gentle and compassionate guidance  from an experienced licensed Cybernetic Transposition Teacher, Monique Gallagher.  

Cybernetic Mastery work is not for everyone.

Working with a skilled manifestor can infuse someone with powerful life force and switch on their inner guidance to cause a ‘Destiny’ – when someone is ready. Are you ready?