Insider Scoop: CT Terms

This 6-minute video will help you gain understanding about the terminology of Cybernetic Transposition AND the benefit of the different processes.

Cybernetic Transposition: Accessing Your Higher Self

If it is true that your highest truth (called intuition, higher self, or True Self) is contained within then wouldn’t it be possible to use the unconscious mind to put us in touch with it?  In my experience yes it is and I would like to share a little of my experience working with Cybernetic Transposition to connect with the True Self.

Attract That Which you Desire with the Power of Gratitude

If life is feeling soooo hard and you notice your outlook has moved from optimism to expecting the worst you owe it to yourself to take 50 minutes to listen to this tele-class.  It will reset your attitude of gratitude to attract that which you DESIRE rather than that which you FEAR.

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Cybernetic Transposition: Identify your Income Earning Set Point

Radio Show originally aired October 1st 2014


Did you know that hidden deep in your unconscious is an income earning ‘set point’?  This set point (unconscious performance limit) defines what you are comfortable earning and until Cybernetic Transposition there was no way to identify it let alone significantly elevate it.

You may wonder how you know if you have an Unconscious Performance Limit running;  if you have tried to increase your income, grow your client base, shed weight, increase your capacity for love and you haven’t succeeded it is likely you have an Unconscious Performance Limit blocking your successful achievement.

Listen to this program to learn how to identify the cap your unconscious has placed on your performance and learn how to elevate it.

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Cybernetic Transposition:
How to Get Hired in Your Perfect For You Job

Radio show aired on September 24th 2014

Needle of a compass pointing to the word job, 3D Render suitable for career counseling concept or job orientation. Depth of field effect

Control Your Job Search; Set a Target for Your Perfect Job

What would it mean to the quality of your life to manifest your ‘perfect for you job’?  Well it is possible I have actually witnessed people manifesting the most amazing job even from outside the country.  In this show you will be taught the actual steps to begin the process.  Grab a piece of paper, a pencil to make some notes and lets get started.

If you don’t already have the ebook you can pick it up here


Time To Tell The Truth

We are brainwashed with false ideas and false beliefs keeping us small and insignificant. It is time to bust some of these false convictions and it is time that You take back the magnificence which you were born with. Listen to the short audio message below (it is only 2 minutes) to learn about one of the most powerful myth that keeps you unhappy and stuck in life:

Money Myth Buster 2 minute audio message from Monique Gallagher of

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To learn how your unconscious can become an ally to create an awesome life join me on Wednesday October 22nd 2014 where I host a free mini training that gives you a glimpse into a future that will take your breath away. Claim your spot now!

PS: Don´t delay. You can´t afford the luxury to live one more day by this limiting concepts camouflaging as a way to freedom.

Cybernetic Transposition: How to Shed Weight

Radio show aired on September 10th 2014

What would it mean to you to be able to communicate to your body so that it release weight naturally and easily?  If you haven ‘t succeeded at getting to your ‘ideal weight’ it isn’t your fault.  The reasons why lie hidden in your unconscious mind.  We all have contradictory intentions like ‘I wish to shed 10 pounds’ followed by the very next thought of ‘oh I can’t wait until dinner so I can eat my favorite pasta and spumoni ice cream!’  Those contradictory thoughts confuse your unconscious will…. thinking “what exactly does she want?” completely locks you down from taking right action to ‘get to your ideal weight’.  Listen to this show where I teach you exactly, step by step how to set and achieve an objective to set a new set point to get to your naturally healthy weight.

PS  A recent success from Ran Toker a participant of HPT16 …. “I went from 89 kilograms to 76.0 kilograms since July 3rd. I lost 13 kilos during these two months and didn’t suffer during the process and actually enjoyed it.  Never had such a strong experience with my body, this is a huge success.  Got full support of all the parts of myself.  We enjoyed the process.  I do release a little pressure by giving myself some “prizes” such as Nescafe and a bit of cake etc. from time to time.  It is almost on auto pilot working with my blockers.”

Learn how to get to your natural and healthy weight or achieve another objective:  Enrollment now open HPC18

Cybernetic Transposition:
The Steps to Finding Your Perfect Partner Relationship

Radio show aired on August 20th 2014

If you are tired of entering into relationship where only the name and face changed and strongly desire a relationship that suits you on every level, you will want to listen to this very practical process to enter into a relationship with your ‘perfect for you’ partner.


Cybernetic Transposition:
The Secret to Getting the Money You Want

Radio show aired on August 27th 2014

If you aren’t generating the money you desire it is not your fault, well it is not the fault of your conscious mind. The reason lies much deeper, the reasons reside in your unconscious. In this radio show you will be inspired to make the necessary changes in your unconscious so you are able to more successfully get what you want.

Interview with Stuart Lichtman:
Finding Your ‘Perfect’ Intimate, Business or Client Partnership

Radio show aired on September 3rd 2014

In this radio show listen Monique interviewing the inventor of Cybernetic Transposition. In this interview you will hear how Cybernetic Transposition (CT) came to him and also how to use the Perfect Partner Process to enter into your perfect love relationship, find a perfect business partner or perfect client. You will also learn what Cell Level Memories are and how they commonly sabotage relationships and what to do about them.

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